Abnormal loads

Transportation of abnormal loads are subject to restrictions when passing the Great Belt.

Vehicles wider than 2.8 m

If you wish to drive a vehicle across Storebælt that is classified as heavy-duty, i.e. the vehicle has a width of over 2.8 m, please notify the O-room at least 2 hours before passage on +45 58 30 30 51

Vehicles over 100 tonnes and/or wider than 4.5 m and slow transport below 50 km/h

Vehicles in weight classification between 100 and 350 tonnes and/or wider than 4.5 m and slow transport below 50 km/h require written authorisation. Permission from the police along with the classification certificate for transport over Class 101 tonnes from the Danish Road Directorate should be faxed to us no later than 3 working days before passage. Please send us a fax on +45 58 30 30 03

Further information

For further information, please contact our Sales Department on +45 33 93 52 00

Prices 2016

Toll charges 2016 - download the folder.

Toll station

The lanes at the toll station are marked in different colours to make it easier to select the correct lane.

Driving and safety

One of our key aims is to ensure that crossing the Storebælt Bridge is as safe as driving on any other motorway in Denmark