Prices on Great Belt Bridge will drop on 1 January 2018

The lower prices are expected to contribute to increased traffic across the bridge with up to 4,500 vehicles a day. In order to ensure an efficient traffic flow through the toll station, the lower price is granted to customers who use automatic toll payment, such as BroBizz, AutoPASS, AutoBizz or ØresundBizz and have an agreement with the Great Belt Bridge.

For lorries and buses, the price reduction is 15% from 1 January and it applies to all customers.

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Today, more than 700,000 customers have a BroBizz and they will gain access to the new prices automatically when they use BroBizz as payment on the Great Belt Bridge.

Customers who have a bizz from another company, ie. an AutoPASS, an AutoBizz or an ØresundBizz can get access to the new prices by signing up to an agreement with Club Storebælt on The agreement is free of charge. Sign up for an agreement

Historically low prices

The new and reduced price will be 193.80 DKK for a regular passenger car. This means that a one-way trip across the Great Belt costs less than when the Great Belt Bridge opened in 1998. Back then the price was 210 DKK.

For customers with a commuter agreement, the price is reduced to 2,560 DKK per month, corresponding to 64 DKK per trip if the customer has 20 return trips a month. With tax deductions, the price will decrease to approximately 31 DKK.

For customers who pay in cash or by credit card in 2018, prices will be maintained at the same level as in 2017. Discounted products on the Great Belt Bridge will as of January 1 be linked to automatic toll payment and can no longer be obtained via cash or card payment.

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Toll station

The lanes at the toll station are marked in different colours to make it easier to select the correct lane.

Driving and safety

One of our key aims is to ensure that crossing the Storebælt Bridge is as safe as driving on any other motorway in Denmark