Toll station

The Storebælt toll station at Halsskov has 12 lanes in westerly direction and 10 in easterly direction (manned or unmanned, depending on traffic volume).

In order to make it easier to choose the correct lane, the lanes have different colours:

Yellow: Manned lanes

Manuel bane logoPayment with cards, cash or BroBizz®. The manned lanes for all types of vehicles are on the right.


Blue: Credit Cards

blå banePayment can be made by the credit cards shown below. These lanes are unmanned and situated in the middle.


Green: BroBizz-lanes

grøn baneBroBizz® holders can drive through without stopping. 
As these lanes electronically record the passage of vehicles with BroBizz®, the barriers open automatically. The automatic lanes are on the left.

Means of payment


In the manned lanes (Manuel) tolls may be paid in cash. Please note that we only accept foreign currency paper notes. We accept the following curriencies:

  • Danish kroner (DKK)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Swedish kroner (SEK)
  • Norwegian kroner (NOK)

Currencies are settled in accordance with the current rate and a deduction for Great Belt's change expenses. Change is paid in DKK.

Credit cards

The following credit cards are accepted:

Amex betalingskort Dankort Diners Electron JCB Maestro Mastercard Circle-k

OK Q8 Routex Shell Statoil UnoX UTA Visa

Prices 2019

Toll charges 2019 - see the price lists.

Toll station at the Great Belt Bridge

How we measure your vehicle


Toll charges for individual vehicles are based on height and length, including tow-bars, projecting loads, loose items and trailers. The weight limits denote the vehicle’s permitted total weight.
If you drive through the toll station without paying, you will incur a surcharge of DKK 600 in addition to the standard price.  

Driving and safety

One of our key aims is to ensure that crossing the Storebælt Bridge is as safe as driving on any other motorway in Denmark